Custom Art: Unique Bottle Art and Diwali Celebrations in Canada

This blog features our custom art work that is festive for special occasions such as Diwali. Our featured custom art is bottle art lights and decor for your celebrating at your home, office, religious setting or as unique gifts for friends and family.

What is Diwali?

Diwali, or Dipawali, is the biggest most important holiday of the year in India, and is celebrated in diaspora communities in Canada. It is a national festival that is celebrated by Hindu and non-Hindu communities. Diwali means “row of lights,”. the festival is renowned for the brightly burning clay lamps that Indians place outside their homes during the festive holiday. Celebrations usually last five or six days.

Custom Art and Diwali Celebrations

The festival of Diwali symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. At csCreatives, we are inspired by impact of light and nature. Our unique bottle art uses light to create functional home art decor pieces that accentuate light into any dark space. Additionally, our custom bottle art is brightly colorful and vibrant, echoing positivity and good energy into any room. Finally, we invite you to feel the energy of the festivities and enjoy the celebrations of Diwali.

Custom Bottle Art and Lights

Our custom art on bottles are one of our featured products. We customize the artwork based on the needs of our clients. We also create custom art from inspiration that is gathered from our principal artist Credell Simeon. This upcycling practice promotes the reuse and recycling of glass. Our environmentally friendly art practices are an integral part of our aesthetic and art practice.

At csCreatives, we hand paint each glass bottle with an unique artistic design. Bottles are easy to work with and we use high quality acrylic paints and gloss finish. Our feature brands are Golden, Mont Marte, and FolkArt. The lights can be either LED or solar for long lasting bright lighting.

Custom Painted Glass Candle Holders

In addition to our custom bottle art, we hand paint candle holders. Custom painted candle holders can be used for meditation, enhancing yoga practice, and for festival celebrations like Diwali. View our array of custom painted candle holders in our gallery. Previous client projects have focused on custom painted glass that bring positive energy and vibrations into the home and creative spaces.

As we celebrate the festival of Diwali, we hope you enjoy the lights as we share with you our custom art work. Reach out to us for design consultation using our contact form.

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