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I present to you video clips of the different artistic creations and collections from the studio. Some of these designs, you can also view on my portfolio page. The videos include all types of hand-painted glass décor: meditation candle holders, bottle lights and floral vases. All videos feature eco-friendly glass products that you can typically find in your home, or at thrift stores or convenience shopping centers. The modern artistic designs are inspired by a love of nature including flowers, Canadian landscape, Grenadian landscape, Caribbean skies, seasonal changes and culture. Take a moment to view each video and give a thumps up to acknowledge your enjoyment. Thank you.

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Meditation Candles Collection

Strengthen your mindset with our motivational designs. Start your reflective processes with a tea candle and a well-designed hand-painted meditation candle holder. The csCreatives design is beautiful, dreamy, modern, and soothing. The recyclable glass jar and its cover was painted using acrylic paints, and then stained to create a gloss finish. The candle holder was sealed to the cover of the jar. This csCreatives eco-friendly product is perfect for any personal and intimate space.

Meditation Candles Collection

Relax and feel calm with our motivational designs. Blue and white were perfectly blended on this well-designed hand-painted glass jar. A sponge technique was expertly applied to create a soothing splash of layered color. The jar was then stained to create a gloss finish. The candle holder was sealed to the cover of the jar. This csCreatives eco-friendly product is perfect for any home and/or yoga space.


Supporting your need need to feel grounded and balanced. This csCreatives design is earthy, timeless, modern and naturalistic. The glass vase was hand-painted in a metallic copper bronze color. It perfectly designed to fit into any modern space in your home, office or personal space.


Supporting your need need to attract conversation. This csCreatives design is focused and aspirational providing you with a feeling of comfort. The jar was hand-painted, upscaled and re-imagined for any modern space. The jar and the designs are perfect for any table space, attracting attention and stimulating conversation.

Floral vases

Our Floral Style is chic. Styled in perfection, passion and luxury, this csCreatives design is attractive, modern and very colorful. The floral glass vase has been hand-painted expertly using defined lines. The vase fits perfectly in your living room or at your bedside. It is ideal for events such as weddings or party celebrations giving that energy and authentic vibes.

Floral Vases

Our floral design is distinctive and personalized. Every jar is hand-painted to your exacting preference and customized designed to be visually attractive. Per your preference, flowers are added for the final touch of vibrant colour. The csCreatives design is a perfect mood setter and conversation starter especially in your home, or entertainment space.

Lighted Bottles

Light up your world with our attractive bottle lights. Light up every dark corner in your personal space with beautiful hand-painted vibrantly colorful bottle lights. LED lights are long lasting and very bright radiantly for the recyclable glass bottles. We use beer, soda, seasoning, oil, vinegar or sauce bottles. Bottle lights are perfect source of motivation, bringing life, hope, and positive energy. At the studio, we remain mindful of your everyday needs.

Lighted Bottles

Light against the darkness. Feel renewed and hopeful with our designed bottle lights. Floral designs, defined lines, free-forming art can be created on the glass bottles using acrylic paints. Each bottle light is bright and aesthetically pleasing. This unique décor perfect for your home desk , office workstation or tables at celebration events.

Bottle Candle Holders

Something different and unique. This csCreatives design is innovative, expressive and tasteful. This innovate product is a hand-painted glass tea candle holder. Ideally suited for any personal , intimate or relaxation spaces. Perfect for spas, yoga studios, and wellness centres.

Bottle Tea Candle Holders

Colorful, Carnival Themed and vibrant. This csCreatives design is innovative, fanciful and new. It is perfect for battery-operated teas candles as the color and style blend well to provide a great ambience. This product is designed, these candle holders grab your attention, keeping you focused while you meditate.

Have a look at our creative journey from recyclable glass jars and bottles in your kitchen or recycle bin to innovative eco-friendly, well-designed, modern and colorful products.

At csCreatives, we design innovative products to meet your unique design and motivational needs.
Transforming everyday products into refined, elevated and stylish eco-friendly products with our designs.

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