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Art Galleries in Regina

csCreatives is proud to have visited the art galleries in Regina, Saskatchewan over the course of the last two summers. It was an amazing experience to see all the wonderful art exhibitions by some of the best local artists across Canada. Each gallery had a wide array of high quality art work including three-dimensional pieces…

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csCreatives at Canadian Art Shows

Our csCreatives artist Credell Simeon will be attending many Canadian Art shows over the summer. During the summer months, it is quite typical for there to be a variety of Canadian Art shows and sales throughout the Province of Regina. This year, thus far, our csCreatives artist Credell has attended over 5 shows in Saskatchewan…

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Art Supports Wellness and Mental Health

Art supports wellness and mental health, did you know that? Mental health and wellness is very important to our artistic design brand and our creative vision. We design products that directly support you on your own wellness journey. At csCreatives, we hand paint decorative candle holders that can be used directly in meditation and yoga…

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csCreatives Art Photo Cards

At csCreatives, we have introduced art photo cards of our unique hand painted designs. We desire to provide amazingly ways to enjoy our unique art décor pieces and home accent pieces. We are very happy and excited to provide even more special ways to connect with our eco-friendly brand and our creative vision. Art Photo…

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csCreatives Hand Painted Vases

Welcome to the Perfect Event or Home Décor At csCreatives, our custom hand painted vases are one of a kind. Each hand painted vase provides the client with an unique way of experiencing our art and artistic style. Each vase is hand painted by the emerging visual artist Credell Simeon using acrylic paints. Some of…

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Bottle Art and Creative Writing

Introduction Ever thought about pulling together two masterpieces: bottle art and a beautiful poetic quote into one iconic photo? Introducing bottle art paired with creative writing, I welcome you to an artistic and creative contribution that is truly inspiring. I have seen very few creative contributions that pair bottle art with creative writing to create…

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hand Painting

Questions and Answers for csCreatives Let’s provide you with answers to the top frequently asked questions on hand painting as it applies to our csCreatives products. For additional questions, please reach out via the contact page or directly Top 10 Questions 2. What brands of paints do you use? The artist uses Mont Marte,…

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I am sharing some of my very interesting blogs on my creative writing journey. Check out the links below. Remember to like, share and follow. E-mail to get on our mailing list for blog updates. Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio) Want to check out some more of my blog posts? Visit my profile at…

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csCreatives Logo

csCreatives logo is uniquely designed to highlight the main aspects of our studio. The design was completed in Canva, which is a highly recommended online graphic design tool. The colors behind the name are warm and inviting: turquoise blue, green, coral, and yellow. The rainbow colors reflect the positive vibes and act in alignment with…

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Yaaayy!! First Client Project

My first client project was completed in December 2022. I was beyond excited about this creative project. I was so excited to work with my first official client on this creative project. The client had some large 2 quart canning jars that were in storage in the basement. When the client saw some of my…

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Hand Painting Square Glass Jars

1. Artistic Work on Square Glass Jars 2. Overview of Creative Process My creative process started with purchasing square glass jars in thrift stores in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Generally, I was interested in the shape of the jars as the perfect canvas for my artistic design. I was challenged to conceptualize an unique design that…

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