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Welcome to an overview of my creative writing projects! I have been working on my projects over the past several months and I found lots of enjoyment and pleasure at developing and refining my own writing process. My creative writing process involves a number of steps that I follow consistently. I discovered my process after completing several writing drafts and found that this sequence of steps allow me to be the most creative. I will encourage you to develop your own process that works best for you. I encourage you look watch the introduction video on this page where I share my own process. Additionally, there are also quite a number of resources online which I will speak about in my blog posts which I hope would be useful to budding writers. Please send your e-mail to receive notifications of updated blog content. I encourage you to read my top ten recommendations listed below.

  1. Stay motivated and believe in yourself.
  2. Develop your own writing process. Watch my introduction video on this page to find out more about my creative writing process.
  3. Use of writing prompts are highly recommended for finding inspiration and exploring new topics. Prompts also allow you to challenge yourself to be really creative, imaginative, focused and time efficient.
  4. Change your creative space e.g. by writing in your office, quiet place at home, while at the park or lying on the beach.
  5. Use of online resources and websites. Here are my favorite ones:
  6. Use of digital tools such as Google docs, online grammar tools such as Grammarly and online dictionaries
  7. Use Canva to help you feel like a modern and creative writer by adding attractive imagery and graphics perfect for social media posts.
  8. Find a community of writers to connect with so that you can comfortably share your work and get really valuable feedback. I have found some great groups by Searching Eventbrite for online events related to writing and painting.
  9. Promote on Social Media platforms helps you to seek out interesting and engaging ways to make your writing a source of inspiration to others.
  10. Finally, continue to always look for ways to improve yourself and by extent your writing. This will allow you to grow as a writer and to master your creative writing skills. Good luck!!

Read through my creative writing projects:
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I love how you take everyday observations and turn them into truly authentic and inspirational expressions; I am feel really inspired.

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