Arts Gallery

This page illustrates some of some of my recent artistic collections. It highlights various prominent design pieces which have contributed significantly to the aesthetic appeal of each collection and the overall demonstration of my creativity. You are invited to browse through each collection highlighted on this page. The collections focus on our uniquely designed aesthetic products which as picture perfect in social media posts and are ideal for any home, event or work space. Email at to inquire or make a request and order.

Glass Bottle Décor

This collection focuses on
designing beautifully sophisticated unique products with high aesthetic appeal.
The collection is hand painted and decorated elegantly by the artist. Mixed media and decoupage techniques are applied. Each high-quality hand painted bottle light serves
as a perfect addition in any home or office space providing eco-friendly light, soothing colors and good synergy. Our bottle lights
are ideal centerpiece at any event, special occasion or as a personalized gift.

Handpainted Vases

This collection focuses on our hand painted vases. Beautifully hand-painted floral vases are ideal for your home, event or office space. Each vase is aesthetically appealing with soothing warm colors with a touch of elegance, sophistication and romance. It is the perfect addition to any space, and each beautiful piece can be used to create a festive atmosphere indoors.
Each vase can be intricately decorated with high quality embellishments, all vases are stain finished for that perfect long-lasting shine. Artificial silk flowers can be included or optional. Our beautiful vases are hand painted in solid, gradient or blended colors by the artist.

Meditation Candle Holders

This collection focuses on hand painted candle holders which are perfect for creating a tranquil ambience in any space. Our unique designs and blend of warm colors can be used to bring a sense of calm, inner peace and relaxation.
Light up your meditation or yoga practice with our captivating candle holders and let their elegant artistic designs touch your mind, body and soul, motivating and inspiring you daily.
Scented or non-scented candles are included.

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