Art Portfolio Slideshow

I present to you slideshows of my portfolio of art work done on various media. This portfolio includes acrylic paintings and glass décor. I also present an unique combination of artwork with creative writing that I hope you find interesting.

  • Painted on Glass: BLUE SKIES
  • Painted on glass: CHEERS
  • Painted on glass: RED SKIES
  • Mixed Media: SEA SHORES
  • Painted on glass: INDIGENOUS
  • Painted on glass: OCEAN LIFE
  • Mixed Media: CORAL REEF
  • Painted on glass: DARK DAYS
  • Painted on glass: Sunset

Acrylic Painting on Glass

Glass is painted using complex skill and technique to create art masterpieces that are exceptionally visually appealing, thought provoking, contemporary, and conversational. Acrylic painting on glass is used to achieve the creation of unique decor that is attractive in modern homes and corporate space. Additionally, it is well-suited for art magazine publications.

Visual Arts and Writing

Photographs and Canva designs capture the perfect combination of visual artistry and creative writing. The creative has blended her own authentic words with colorful artistic creations beautifully in this collection. The collection consists of decoupage art, glass bottle art, and poetry. This powerful and impactful combination is intended to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

  • csCreatives: Light and Darkness
  • Walk in the light, empower your own journey, courage, not fright.
  • Motivation: Be a Bright light
  • Bloom Always
  • Unique Art: Flowers and Worth
  • Bottle Art: Brighter side of life
  • Bottle Art: The Wow factor
  • Bottle Art: Attraction
  • Bottle Art: The growth factors

  • Art: Freedom on Canvas
  • Love Faces on Canvas
  • Art: Black Love on Canvas
  • Art: Lady in Red on Canvas
  • Purple Vase with Yellow Flowers on Canvas
  • Yellow flowers on Canvas
  • Orange Floral Stick House on Canvas
  • View of a Port City on Canvas
  • A Country House on Canvas
  • Under the Blue Sea on Canvas
  • Art: Spring Garden on Canvas
  • Imaginary Village landscape
  • Journey through Trials

Art on Canvas

These images capture art designed on canvas using acrylic paints. The themes displayed are landscape, nature, seasons, love, and feminine beauty. The images are randomly assorted and capture work done over the course of several months through art sessions and workshops.

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