About csCreatives

The csCreatives studio was conceptualized in October of 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic. csCreatives studio was used personally by the visual artist Credell Simeon as a means to physically create authentic photographic works of art. Next, creations from the csCreatives studio were displayed through photographs via social media. Then, the branding itself was initially formalized on November 2022. The stylish modern original designs of csCreatives have been received with positivity and keen interest by the niche community, especially the glass décor creations. Overall, the décor is warm, soothing, inviting, refined and welcoming, serving as stylish accents and accessories for the home or corporate office. Each csCreatives design is uniquely bold, imaginative and conversational with a focus on elevating and upcycling the base glass product. The poetic works created alongside the artistic designs serve as an inspiration to our social media followers and niche market.


The vision is to use creativity in all aspects of our work adding high value and impact that directly contributes to inspiring other creatives, empowering our niche market while supporting both climate and human sustainability.


“Creatively inspiring you


We are committed to diversity and inclusion of all people, and cultures. We support the work of talented creatives across multiple industries and across the globe. We apply our commitment directly to our employees, clients, collaborators and partners.

Creative Productions

 Authentic and original works include:

  1. Glass Décor (Art): made from various glass jars, beer bottles, culinary bottles, and mugs, which are hand-painted and decorated with lights.
  2. Acrylic Paintings (Art): designed on small to medium canvases using acrylic paints including metallic and matte colors.
  3. Art greeting cards: designed using the original art that was painted on glass, these cards are unique in every sense, perfect for occasions like birthdays, staff appreciation, staff motivation, retirement, citizenship, and newcomer celebrations.
  4. Photography prints: our selfie photos of nature are sold as prints capturing the most picturesque moments in Saskatchewan.
  5. Inspirational Quotations (Writing): inspired by my experiences, dreams, and curiosity about life as a means of motivating and empowering others.
  6. Poetry (Writing): inspired by my personal interests, past experiences, dreams, and creativity.
  7. Articles and blogs (Writing): blogs serve as a way to share my opinion, thoughts, and recommendations on various topics including artistry, creativity, and the writing process.

The Beginnings: Welcome to csCreatives Studio Story Timeline

Visual Artistry

csCreatives started as an idea by the visual artist Credell Simeon. She notes the following: “When I started my creative journey, I knew that the artistry itself would take significant practice and skill development. I experimented with different types of canvases. However, I found glass to be the most interesting and challenging to work with, but the final designs were simply amazing. I created different pieces and gifted them kindly to my friends, co-workers and family. Their feedback was invaluable. This greatly boosted my confidence in my artistry and my creative talents. I started posting digital art photos of my work on social media in order to reach a wider community and niche market.”

Creative Writing

As a writer, Credell also notes that her creative writing journey started concurrently with the visual artistry. Next, this allowed her to embrace being an enthused and modern creative writer and visual artist. Also, there was an unique opportunity to bring both creative writing and visual artistry together through digital photography and social media. Finally, the amazing journey she describes in her own words as “One of self-discovery, motivation, empowerment, re-imagination, overcoming challenges, pushing creative boundaries in a new space, and finally gaining confidence and acceptance.

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