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Biography of Credell Simeon

Credell M. Simeon is a Creative Entrepreneur, and Art Enthusiast. She was born, raised, and educated in Grenada in the Caribbean. Credell is an enthusiastic creative writer and artist. Currently, she resides in Canada where she works in the field of data analytics. Generally, her interests and passion extend broadly into innovation, artistry, and digital content creation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Credell used the opportunity to refuel her passion for the arts and creativity. Furthermore, she felt compelled and inspired to share her creativity with others so as to spread hope, love, and joy to stimulate positive energy and vibrations.

The artistic works of Credell Simeon include:

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Credell Simeon was born and raised in the parish of St. David in Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean known as “The Isle of Spice”. Credell Simeon recalls her childhood and youth: “As a child, I had a love for both the arts and creative writing. At college, I studied Literature and took a wide variety of elective art courses. Initially, I wrote a number of short poems on various topics including love, nature, and childhood memories, which were very well received at that time. Concurrently, I was intrigued by the different media that can be used creatively to produce artwork including acrylic paints, watercolors, charcoal, and pastels on different canvases. Finally, I became very excited about discovering more about my artistic abilities and further energizing my creativity.”


In terms of Education, Credell Simeon holds an Associate degree in Arts and Humanities where she majored in English Literature, Spanish, Mathematics and Caribbean Studies. She achieved her Bachelors degree in Management of Information Systems at the prestigious St. George’s University in Grenada. Later on, she attained a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Additionally, Credell has successfully authored and published three (3) academic papers on sentiment analysis and text classification of hashtags using machine learning algorithms and lexical resources. Furthermore, her research publications and scholarly contributions have been cited over 24 times and read internationally over 240 times. Credell has also presented at academic conferences on Data Science in Alberta and Montreal, Canada.

Creative Interests

In recent years, Credell’s creative interests has expanded to a love of nature including travelling, photography, gardening, and sightseeing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she strategically used the opportunity to refuel her passion for the arts and creativity. Subsequently, Credell felt strongly compelled and inspired to share her creativity to empower others and provide motivation, positive energy and vibrations through her digital social media posts. As a creative entrepreneur, she advocates the use of her creativity and her personality to motivate and inspire others to live their best creative lives. Finally, she is able to successfully achieve this through her creative productions including self-written quotes; inspirational poetry; acrylic paintings and glass décor.


Credell Simeon has a natural affinity for languages, of which she has successfully attained different levels of fluency in English, Spanish and French. She boasts of her articulation and unique poetic voice. Her love for languages also encompasses computer programming languages, which Credell has self-learnt at least 5 languages over the course of her academic studies and career. She strongly believes that language is a channel through which she can honestly and authentically communicate with her audience, and express herself creatively.

Writing Career

Credell is a published author in scholarly journals in Data Science. She has written several poems on the themes of African ancestry, love, Carnival, and creativity. To date, she has submitted poems for publications in Canadian and Caribbean journals and magazines. In the summer 2023, she has completed the prestigious Sage Hill poetry course with the goal of completing her first poetry manuscript. She was the host for the annual “Words in the Park” author reading event held by the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. Additionally, Credell has attended a number of poetry workshops held by the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and readings by renowned Canadian poet laureates.

Creative Entrepreneurship

As a emerging Grenadian leader in the creative economy and creative industry, Credell views her role as significant in fostering strategic collaborations that directly translate into high quality and high valued meaningful products. Also, she embraces her role as a avid motivator, mentor, activist and catalyst while learning more about the uniqueness of the industry. She is naturally a enthusiastic leader with a focus on improving strategy and enabling vision. Finally, she believes that the success within this space has direct positive impact on culture, artistry, innovation, climate sustainability, and gender empowerment.

Current Memberships

Creative Works

On this site, you will find many of Credell’s s artistic designs that are modern, visually appealing, conversational and unique. Additionally, you will find her favorite authored poems and quotes on themes such as love, dreams, carnival, diversity, femininity, mental health and well-being, and nature. 

In her own words, Credell Simeon states “I hope my website is also a source of inspiration for you in your creative pursuits. I will love to get to know you. You can connect with me by sending a message using the contact form or by e-mail cscreatives21@gmail.com.”

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