Wildfires in Canada Art Collection

In the midst of the most devastating wildfires in Canada, there is art; art brings hope and enlightenment. In 2023, wildfires ravaged the large portions of Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and British Columbia. All 13 Canadian provinces have been impacted by record breaking series of wildfires which started in March. The wildfires in Canada started after long periods of hot, dry and windy conditions due to the ongoing climate crisis.

Wildfires in Canada and Human Suffering

The human impact has been unbelievably shocking with a death toll of 6 lives lost to the fires. Furthermore, over 150,000 people had to be evaluated from their homes because of the raging fires. This number does not include the human lives impacted by the dangerous smoke inhalation coming from the fire storm. Residents of the cities in Saskatchewan are among those populations affected by the dangerous air quality. CBC reports that the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service estimates that over 450 megatonnes of carbon were released into the air, more than three times human-made emissions in the previous year.

Wildfires Disaster and Impact on the land

According to CBC in its article on Canadian wildfires, in 2023 Canada surpassed the record for the worst wildfire season in terms of the number of hectares burned. The article provides data on the hectares lost to wildfires over the last decade. This year, a new record was set with over 18 million hectares of land being burned and ravaged by wildfires. This record surpasses the average over the last decade, and is 2.5 times more than the record in 1995. What a devastating year it has been for our lands! On the land, we experienced human loss, burning of trees, suffering of our beloved animals and wildlife, and pollution to our rivers and lakes.

Telling the Story of Wildfires through Art

How can art help us to tell this amazing story of unimaginable loss? Credell sets out on a mission to capture this very story with her unique art on glass. Using votive glass candle holders as her medium of choice, Credell endeavored to do the unthinkable: capture the transformation of the landscape by the fire while amplifying the colors of loss and hope in unique masterpieces. Art sheds light on some of the darkest days in this year. Dark with smoke, grief, tears, desperation, and unrelentless fire accompanied by the fight of our many brave firefighter heroes.

Photo Compliments the Art Gallery of Regina

360 Degrees of Raging Fire Devastation

Each unique painting on glass in this collection provides an alluring 360 degree view of devastation. The impact to the environment is not understated in these painted masterpieces. From the land, water and air, you can sense the destruction, and the heat of a raging firestorm. The size of the glass is about 2.25 inches in height and about 2 inches in diameter. The visual imagery is poetically impactful. Furthermore, it is reflective of Credell’s mastery of lyric poems that are perfect for storytelling.

Photo compliments the artist Credell Simeon

Credell displays her unique art and painting on glass at the Art Gallery of Regina for a limited period. The art work is also available for purchase on the gallery’s website. She hopes that this collection inspires the viewers do the following:

  • Witness first hand the impact of climate change
  • Share in the devasting loss
  • Feel a stronger connection to Mother Earth
  • Feel a greater sense of urgency in dealing with the climate crisis

Wildfires in Canada Art Collection

Credell invites you to celebrate her work by purchasing this unique collection that captures historic period in Canada. She invites you to share in her passion for environment sustainable living, and the protection of Mother Earth.

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