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1. Get to Know Us

2. Introduction

csCreatvies.studio website went live in December 2022. I am so excited that after months of planning, designing, and testing, the website is live and accessible to the public. First, You can search for csCreatives.studio on google, and it is the top ranked site. You can also use my link.tree to get to this website. Next, I am also happy to announce the website has a studio domain so it is specifically for promoting a wide variety of artistic works. Furthermore, the intent is to have a creative space where the artist can share her portfolio of art, creative writing, articles and photography while engaging others in the industry, and being a source of inspiration and motivation. On the website, there are lots of content to keep you engaged. Soon, we will be setting up subscriptions shortly so that you can keep updated on our blogs. Also, I advise that you bookmark our website on your favorite web browser (Google, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari). Finally, the website can also be viewed on mobile devices. However, I suggest that for the art videos, you can view them on a laptop and desktop to get the best in detail view of our designs.

3. Get to Know the Artist Credell Simeon

You are also invited to read about me, Credell Simeon, on my about page. I am a visual artist and writer based in Canada. I started my studio project in early 2022 during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to share and motivate others in the creative industry.

4. Website Content

Must see content on the website include the following:

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