csCreatives stickers of hand painted artwork

csCreatives is pleased to introduce our stickers of hand painted artwork. Overall, these stickers will provide children and youth with an opportunity to directly interact with our brand and share in our creative vision. Generally, we have found that lots of kids are interested in our designs, however, due to the fragility of the glass, they are unable to truly connect with our brand. As such, we set out to design high quality stickers that are visually attractive, and amazing products for our younger budding creatives in our community.

csCreatives Stickers

Our creative process started with photography of our art work using a high resolution camera. For the first set stickers, we focused on our hand painted floral vases and bottle lights. We found that these would appeal to kids providing encourage, motivation and, empowerment. We used Canva to add text and graphical elements to the final high quality artistic design. Next, we ordered our first 45 stickers from, company which specializes in custom stickers. They deliver worldwide in under 2 weeks so they have arrived in time for our next art event.

csCreatives Stickers Future Vision

At csCreatives, our goal is to connect our brand to a wide audience including children and youth in our community. They are our future creatives. This year, we have started with our first set of stickers of our hand painted artwork on glass. In the future, we will like to purchase of our own Cricut machine so that we can more cost effectively create and sell a wide variety of our stickers of our hand painted art work. They are very expensive ranging from about $500.00 CAD including materials.

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