Art Galleries in Regina

csCreatives is proud to have visited the art galleries in Regina, Saskatchewan over the course of the last two summers. It was an amazing experience to see all the wonderful art exhibitions by some of the best local artists across Canada. Each gallery had a wide array of high quality art work including three-dimensional pieces such pottery, wood work, and stained glass work, artwork on canvas, mixed media work including resin, and hand crafted jewelry. We were amazed and inspired by the use of watercolor, oil and acrylic paints to feature the beautiful and majestic Saskatchewan landscape. At csCreatives, we were inspired to also create hand painted art décor pieces that connect with our community.

Our listings of art galleries that you should check out on your visit to the province are provided below. We have highlights a couple of the “must see”.

Art Galleries in Regina

Downtown Regina Galleries

In the heart of downtown Regina, you can find some amazing art galleries within walking distance of each other. Check out the links below to connect to their websites.

Just North of downtown about less than 10 minutes drive, there are two smaller art galleries that you may want to visit as you explore the art scene in Regina.

Cathedral Area Galleries

Art Galleries on Albert Street

csCreatives Featured Art Gallery

On our website, you can check out the our full portfolio of work by Credell Simeon. You can browse our art videos of our finest hand painted glass work. You are also welcomed to check out our art gallery page, subscribe to get all updates.

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