Welcome Credell to the Regina Women’s Network

Regina Women’s Network (RWN) welcomes Credell as its newest member. Our principal artist and writer at csCreatives, Credell Simeon, is now a member of RWN.

Getting to know the Regina Women’s Network

This network provides a supportive environment for women to grow and thrive. Women embrace the opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with each other so as to work together to reach the highest aspirations. Furthermore, the members of the distinguished network are representative of many career and lifestyle options. Most importantly, they are represent for mothers, wives, professionals, self-made extraordinary experts, and entrepreneurs who dare to dream and be inspired.

The photo below was taken by Patricia Holdsworth, an architectural and commercial photographer with the Regina Women’s Network.

The RWN’s mission is to attract the finest women locally. Then, they embrace and engage with them to fully develop and challenges their talents and unique strengths. The network encourages free spirited collaborations to drive the voice of women now and into the future. Additionally, the network provides speaking opportunities, networking events, learning opportunities, and a forum for women of various diversities to successfully thrive. Finally, membership can be renewed annually and there are events every month. Some women have chosen to take a break and then later into their careers return to the network reconnecting with women they just love and admire.

RWN features Credell and Her Custom Art

Credell is featured in the LinkedIn post of the Regina Women’s Network. In the month of November 2023, her art work on glass is being displayed at the Art Gallery of Regina. The gallery is located on Treaty 4 territory in Regina. The art work is available for sale on the gallery’s website. The work is inspired by Credell’s passion for environmental sustainable living and uses art to invite us into this timely and critical conversation.

Additionally, Credell is also a member of WESK for women entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan and Black Canada Women in Action. You can find her at networking events and sharing her passion for women empowerment.

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