Leadership in the Creative Industry and Economy

1. Definitions

A creative is defined as a person who uses his/her imagination, skills, talents and experience to create an innovative product or service that provides high value and high impact to the intended audience. The innovative product or service can be new in existence or re-imagined from a previous state or form. Creativity is defined as the use of structured processes by creatives in order to produce original and authentic works. Persons who identify as creatives work in a wide variety of industries including artistry, technology, performing arts, entrepreneurship, entertainment, literature, communication and architecture. The creative economy focuses on the trade of creative goods and services (i.e. art, music, crafts, film, books, applications), and the generation of revenue from activities within the above-mentioned industries.

2. Key Leadership Values in the Creative Economy

What are the key leadership values in the creative economy? I attended a workshop on value-based leadership recently, and I want to leverage some learnings to identify and define 3 specific values that are especially important to emerging leaders in the creative industry and the creative economy. They are as follows: Authenticity, Collaboration and Empowerment. I regard these values as essential to successfully achieving ACE (the Acquisition of Creative Evolution) within the creative sector. One may ask how do these specific values directly contribute to creative revolution, especially in a post-pandemic world?

3. The ACE Value System

The power of the ACE value system lies in its unique combination which directly allows emerging leaders to thrive organically in an ever changing digital environment that is being revolutionized by artificial intelligence (AI) products such as ChatGPT, and social media marketing. A 2023 article in The Harvard Business Review entitled “The Authenticity Paradox” states that authenticity is the gold standard in leadership. With the push for more creative products, human-centred services and innovation-driven processes, emerging leaders within the creative sector need to grow and nurture the values of Authenticity, Collaboration and Empowerment (ACE) to achieve more success, overcome new challenges and contribute on a larger scale to a more environmentally friendly planet. “ACE the ACE” is what I am calling it. Let’s define each value carefully.

  • Authenticity: “I am aware of my own value system and I am confident in sharing it with my others including my customers, clients, followers, influencers, fans and collaborators. I am aware that in my own unique way I can make positive and purposeful contributions within my industry, and by extent to society. I am aware of my strengths and my areas of improvement and can use them strategically to achieve growth, maturity and success. I am confident in being myself, sharing my opinions and expertise, debating ideas and issues while having charisma, working with others and building strong authentic relationships that support a collaborative approach. Most importantly, I am respectful to myself, my space and everyone and space that I encounter.”
  • Collaboration:I am a team player and believer in “we are better and stronger together“. I am able and can humbly celebrate the successes of others in the industry. I can optimistically work together with others to overcome challenges knowing the value of bringing brilliant minds together to strategize and create a holistic vision for the future. I am able to diversify the types of collaborations that I am involve with, in order to make more significant contributions and to attain a higher level of creativity. I am constantly seeking for new opportunities to innovate and work together to create impactful and meaningful contributions to the industry.”
  • Empowerment: “I feel motivated and empowered daily to be the best I can be. In a Covid-19 post pandemic world, positivity is my new mantra. Most critically, I need to empower others; I am a natural influencer. I can use both my authenticity and personality to empower others to make equally positive contributions to both the industry and society. This extends to those within my inner circle or team, and those who I may have never encountered physically but are keen followers. My new attitude is that “Come on , let’s do this”. As an emerging leader, whether I am moving mountains or even to taking the smallest step forward, I am energized, motivated and vision-focused which allows me to naturally attain the support of others. That “good vibes” as I can call it, I can share authentically with others while showing my compassion and empathy.”

4. Wrap Up

Now you know what ACE is. You may feel that you may already exhibit some of these values, but you may be need to work on others to leverage the achievement of ACE (Acquiring Creative Evolution). All the best on your journey, and stay posted to our blogs. You can also read more about the creative economy outlook using this link.

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