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Let’s provide you with answers to the top frequently asked questions on hand painting as it applies to our csCreatives products. For additional questions, please reach out via the contact page or directly

Top 10 Questions

  1. What type of paints do you use? Acrylic paints are best for painting on glass. There are also special paints for glass that when applied appear translucent.

2. What brands of paints do you use? The artist uses Mont Marte, Sargent Art , DecoArt, and FolkArt. These brands are long lasting and reasonably priced.

3. What type of glass finish or stain do you use? We use a acrylic high gloss finish for glass. We recommend using Golden acrylics as they are very high quality.

4. Where do you buy glass paints? Amazon provides quick and seamless shopping and delivery.

5. How long can hand-painted products last? Our hand painted designs can last for several years. We apply a gloss finish that helps to preserve the quality and visual attractiveness of our well-designed products.

6. Is glass difficult to work with? Yes, it is very delicate and you will need to be safe as possible to avoid accidents or mishaps. The surface of the glass needs to be smooth for painting; we sometimes use sand paper to create some traction.

7. Where do you get your glass products? From donations, community sales, and thrift stores.

8. How do conceptualize and create your designs? Each design is unique. It depends on the season, culture, source of inspiration, event or occasion and personal preference.

9. Do you have recommendations for artistic newbies? Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and color blends, artistic styles, shapes of glassware, and painting techniques.

10. How can our products be used? Used as accents, accessories and décor in the home, office, corporate space, events and occasions. Also they can be used as personalized and customized gifts to friends, co-workers and family.

Other common questions

11. How do you describe your styles and designs? Our designs are modern, refined, visually attractive, fun, edgy, vibrantly colorful, conversational and aspirational.

12. How long do the bottle lights last? The bottle lights are LED and are battery operated. The string lights can last for several months without replacing them. They are very bright and are capable of acting as a room light for any space. They are best used indoors.

13. Are the glass products dishwasher safe? All of our hand painted products are considered to be decorative. They cannot be placed in the dishwasher or come into contact with water. This includes the bottle lights, and floral vases. For vases, we recommend using sand or filler instead of water when displaying your flowers.

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We have provided answers to some of your top frequently asked questions on our hand painted products. For additional questions, please reach out via the contact page or directly

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