Yaaayy!! First Client Project

My first client project was completed in December 2022. I was beyond excited about this creative project.

Client Project Feature Photo
Client Project Feature Photo

I was so excited to work with my first official client on this creative project. The client had some large 2 quart canning jars that were in storage in the basement. When the client saw some of my set of creative designs on some glass bottles, it sparked an idea that the long abandoned canning jars could be re-purposed and used as décor. I was so thrilled. The design on the jars I conceptualized from one of the paintings of the Saskatchewan sunset that was on the wall in the client’s living room. I loved the use of colors in the painting as Saskatchewan has one of the most beautiful sunsets. Working with glass is always a challenge, and does take diligence, patience and very skillful hands. However, do not lose heart, acrylic paints does allow for some correction and I suggest a multi-application approach and blending. I was very pleased that my client was extremely happy with the final designs. This project provided me with much needed confidence and acknowledgement that there is a thriving niche market for my designs. Onto the next client, I will keep you posted.

If you are in Saskatchewan, Canada, you can find us listed here with the Saskatchewan Craft Council. You can also reach out to us on cscreatives21@gmail.com. Also you can contact us using the social media handles on the homepage.

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