csCreatives Summer Coloring Kids Pack

csCreatives is pleased to introduce our summer coloring kids pack. Firstly, each pack consists of two (2) coloring sheets for a total of four (4) coloring images, one (1) pencil crayon and 4 foam stickers. Also, the coloring sheets include our logo, and some of the commonly used glass items that we work with at the studio: jars, bottles, and vases. Each summer coloring kids pack is priced to sell at a low cost to parents, caregivers, or summer camps. Finally, each pack is well packaged and can be picked up or shipped via mail.

Kids Pack aligns with our creative vision

This year csCreatives wanted an unique opportunity to connect with our local communities, and introduce our brand and creative vision. Specifically, our vision promotes an eco-friendly environment and support the recycling of glass products. Therefore, introduce the concept of upcycling to our younger generations through our coloring sheets. Upcycling is defined as “the act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and function.” Overall, both recycling and upcycling help to promote a sustainable Earth, and reduce the negative impact of climate change.

Fun with csCreatives Kids Pack

csCreatives summer coloring kids pack is ideal for families. Let the children have fun this summer by coloring some of the flowers of the season, and enhancing their imagination. Also, our coloring sheets promotes creativity, and the concept of hand painting on glass. Finally, the kids can use water-based paints or crayons of their choice on our coloring sheets. Have an idea for our coloring sheets, reach out to us via e-mail.

Reach out to Us

At csCreatives, we invite you to reach out to us via e-mail to find out more about this exclusive summer coloring Kids pack. Don’t miss out.

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