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csCreatives logo is uniquely designed to highlight the main aspects of our studio. The design was completed in Canva, which is a highly recommended online graphic design tool. The colors behind the name are warm and inviting: turquoise blue, green, coral, and yellow. The rainbow colors reflect the positive vibes and act in alignment with our goal of inspiration, empowerment and motivation for all creatives and artists in Canada and the Caribbean. The csCreatives studio logo is indeed eye catching and welcoming.

You will also notice that our studio brand name is written as one word “csCreatives” on the logo. The letter “cs” are from my initials in my name “Credell Simeon”. The word “Creatives” was chosen to speak to the intended audience, future collaborators and communities of people that feel connected to us across the world. It also speaks to the type of original, and authentic artistic work that will be displayed on the website. The logo also highlights the words “Write” and “Paint” to speak to the activities that will be undertaken by the studio.

When it comes to writing, you can explore our creative writing introduction, poetry and self-motivational quotes pages.

In terms of painting, we hand paint all our products with acrylic paints of varying types. Our favorite brands are Sargent, Arteza, Mont Marte, and Artecho. It is important that when you think of “csCreatives“, the word “paint” and “colors” come to the top of your mind.

Finally, the word “Décor” speaks to the overall type of products that are produced by the studio: meditation candle holders, floral vases and glass bottle lights. All our products are hand painted and designed by the visual artist, Credell Simeon.

Look forward to seeing our logo appear on merch items in the future. We will keep you posted via social media.

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