Batteries for csCreatives Bottle Art

csCreatives bottle art are custom designed with battery operated LED lights. Notably, our unique bottle art is very beautiful at night, and can be used for aesthetic purposes as well as for the main source of light in any room. Also, the LED lights create an ambience that is soothing and relaxing. Additionally, we provide LED lights that are either white, yellow or colorful depending on your needs. The LED lights contain LR44 batteries that will need to be replaced.

How long does the battery last?

One of the top questions that we get asked by our clients is about the batteries and their longevity. Specifically, the LR44 batteries can last for up to 3 months following daily use. One LED bottle light also referred to as a cork light or a wine bottle fairy light uses 3 LR44 batteries.

Replacement Options

Let’s break down the replacement options for batteries for you.

Replacing the Batteries in csCreatives Bottle Art

If you have purchased one of our unique bottle lights and you need to replace the batteries, you can go directly to Amazon using this link to view our highly recommended option for top quality durable powerful LR44 batteries. The average cost on Amazon is about $9 CAD dollars for a 20 pack. A 20 pack of LR44 batteries should give you at least 2 years worth of light. Feel free to check out available brands on Amazon for LR44 batteries.

Replacing the LED lights in csCreatives Bottle Art

If you have purchased one of our unique bottle art and need to replace the LED light, e-mail us directly at and we can assist you. The LED lights can be readily purchased on Amazon. We highly recommend purchasing a set of replacement cork lights that includes the LR44 batteries. You can use this link to get our highly recommended option. The average cost is around $19 CAD. You can also search Amazon using the keywords “replacement batteries for cork lights“.

Using Solar Lights in csCreatives Bottle Art

Another option that is available to our clients for replacing bottle lights is that of solar lights. Although solar lights are slightly bit more expensive that the battery operated lights, they eliminate the cost and hassle of replacing batteries. The average cost is about $10 CAD for one solar cork light. You can go directly to this specific Amazon page for purchase options.

Wrap Up on csCreatives Bottle Art

You can check out more of our designs of bottle art on the Art Gallery page. We have also paired our bottle art with creative writing to create unique visually appealing images that are showcased on our Art Portfolio page.

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