csCreatives Supports Alternate Use of Glass

csCreatives supports the alternate use of glass for upcycled products such as our amazing eco-friendly art décor, and home accent pieces. We re-purpose glass products to uniquely design original hand-painted floral vases, hand-painted candle holders, and hand-painted bottle art. Our artistic journey started with recyclable glass products that are typically discarded or sold to local thrift stores such as Salvation Army stores, and Value Village stores in Canada. These glass products can include the following:

  • Canning Jars
  • Rose vases
  • Soda Bottles
  • Wine Bottles
  • Condiment Bottles
  • Fishbowls
  • Square vases
  • Round vases

csCreatives Hand Painted Designs

csCreatives supports the alternate use of glass products for naturally producing high quality upcycled products that are long lasting, beautiful and aesthetically appealing. At csCreatives studio, our designs on glass are perfect in your space contributing to that unique elegant, sophisticated, conversational, and naturally modern aesthetic that aligns with your brand and personality. Furthermore, we believe glass is one of the best canvas for creating art décor pieces that truly vibe with your energy and fits well into your personal or corporate space. Finally, our designs are only limited to the imagination of the artist.

csCreatives: A Set of Copper Bronze Gradient Painted Vases
A Set of Copper Bronze Gradient Painted Vases

Handling Glass

Recycling glass does require care and we follow all safety practices when painting on glass. At csCreatives, we also exercise caution when transporting our perfectly hand painted items to participate in local trade and art shows. Additionally, this will extend to shipping to galleries and to our customers who purchase via our online store. Finally, for more recommendations on handling glass can be found by in this article on on the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council website.

Supporting the Environment

At csCreatives, we serve as a leading solution in alternate use of glass. According to the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, there is vary few alternative options for bottle recycling in the province. We are happy to contribute to a positive and sustainable eco-friendly environment. Feel free to reach out to us at

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