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Ever thought about pulling together two masterpieces: bottle art and a beautiful poetic quote into one iconic photo? Introducing bottle art paired with creative writing, I welcome you to an artistic and creative contribution that is truly inspiring. I have seen very few creative contributions that pair bottle art with creative writing to create high impact motivational value. For myself, as a visual artist and writer, I have come up with creative ways to combine artistic pieces and creative writing together through digital photography. As part of my vocation, I feel the compelled to motivate and empower other creatively-minded individuals through art and writing. Today, I will take you through my creative processes.

Motivation: Shine Your Light
Motivation: Shine Your Light

When I started designing bottle art, I was intrigued both by the shape, size and design possibilities with glass and connecting it to various themes especially nature. I have designed bottle art on sunsets, landscapes, beach and lake views, and flowers. I have also done seasonal themes such as Christmas and Valentines Day.

Creative Process: Bottle Art and Writing

My creative process for bringing together art, creative writing and digital photography together starts with selection of the right materials, the design conceptualization, creating the written piece, taking the digital photo, and completing final edits and combinations using a design tool such as Canva.

Bottle Selection

In terms of bottles, I recommend the following glass bottle types, which may be readily available in your home or a store near you.

  • Beer Bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • Rum or liqueur bottles
  • Seadsoning bottles
  • Condiments bottles such as Ketchup
  • Non-alcoholic beverage bottles such Kombucha, iced tea or juice
  • Oil and Vinegar bottles

Bottle Art Design Consideration

My process starts with conceptualizing a unique and bold design for the bottle and selecting an overall theme. The following considerations are made while designing:

  • Selecting the base colors
  • Determining the blending techniques
  • Allocating each design space on the bottle
  • Identifying textures and/or patterns
  • Selecting additives such as glue
  • Selecting embellishments such as flowers, glitter, gemstones etc.

Once all design considerations are closed, then the actual creative work begins on the bottle until it is complete.

Selecting the Right Words to Pair with Bottle Art

Next, the attention is shifted to selecting of descriptive words and visual imagery words that can be expressed poetically to capture the theme of the bottle. I consider this step the most creatively challenging, putting the right words to your art. Countless hours staring at the bottle art can bring about inspiration or simple frustration. I highly recommend taking a break, and even taking some digital photos of the bottle art can be quite helpful. Digital photos help you to better see the story and the interpretation that you want to bring forward to your audience. Once you think you have the right message, then bring pen to paper or type it up as a draft. Following the writing process, read, review and edit your writing until it is perfectly concise, relevant, conversational and thought provoking.

Bringing Bottle Art and Writing together with Canva

Finally, I suggest using a design tool such as Canva to pair together the digital photo with the written piece. There are great template options that you can choose for social media posts that generate lots of interests and shares. This allows you to create something that is high quality, well-designed and visually appealing. Another more unconventional way, can be take a photo of the pen and paper version of your written piece and pair that photo with the digital photo of the bottle art using Canva. In this way, you can showcase both your beautiful hand writing style as well as your bottle art in one iconic image.

My favorite Photos of Bottle Art and Writing

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