Hand Painting Square Glass Jars

1. Artistic Work on Square Glass Jars

2. Overview of Creative Process

My creative process started with purchasing square glass jars in thrift stores in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Generally, I was interested in the shape of the jars as the perfect canvas for my artistic design. I was challenged to conceptualize an unique design that would best fit with the shape while making the final product interesting and visually appealing. I found 2 techniques that worked beautifully, which I have shared with you below.

  • Use of diagonal or horizontal lines while blending rainbow colors: I experimented with shades of red, pink, yellow and orange.
  • Creating a sense of gradient and focusing on a single color while blending in black and white to create depth: Gradients can be created by blending white and/or black with base colors. I was excited to use metallic colors such as copper and bronze to create gradients. You can check out acrylic metallic paints on Amazon.

3. Stay Posted on New Designs

You can check out more of our hand painted designs on our Arts Gallery page. Credell Simeon is a emerging visual artist. You can read her biography and more about the brand csCreatives.

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