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Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio)

  • by Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio)
    Impossible.Glass is one of the most complex media. It is a headache — to ship. Fragile labels can be useless, an customer dissatisfaction has a high probability. Hands thrown in the air, […]
  • by Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio)
    Climate crisis: I am moving away from wall art — my new medium is glassContemporary. Modern. Minimalism. FreedomPrairies Skies -Painted on Glass Collection by csCreativesThe words behind my choice of medium for art. […]
  • by Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio)
    You are a gifted art solopreneur. You have unique talents and skills. You are multi-talented, and a genius. So what do you need a mentor?Credell Simeon- contemporary visual artist and writerTop 3 […]
  • by Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio)
    I was run over with a bicycle — tragedy turned into creative inspirationThis is the truth, no lies in my stories. And no AI content here, only the raw authentic truth. The […]
  • by Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio)
    What is visual art therapy? Visual art therapy is the use of visual art techniques such as painting, drawing, crafting to help people explore their emotions and support their emotional […]
  • by Credell Simeon (csCreatives Studio)
    csCreatives Hand Painted Candle Holders used in Art Photo CardsLet me breakdown the best advice for designing customized art photo cards.Use Canva: Canva is the graphical design tool with great features such […]

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