Custom Painted Art Decor for Shelves

This blog features our custom art decor for floating shelves. Shelves are perfect for storage and display including custom art decor; style meets functionality. Whether it is a farm house, modern or vintage styled home, shelves are common features. Furthermore, shelves are ideal for spaces such as the living, dining or bedrooms. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, home offices have been common place in newer homes to support remote and hybrid work arrangements.

Touch of Color in Shelf decor

At csCreatives, we hand paint votive candle holders into the perfect shelf decor and accent pieces. Our hand painted custom art decor brings color and good energy into your space. Additionally, our unique art decor is quite conversational helping to sharpen your confidence and depth of topics while building valuable long lasting relationships with family and friends. For those of us who work from home, shelf decor gives a sense of your style and personality when the camera is turned on. Surprise your team and get them asking “Is that art? I love it”, and create a smile on everyone’s faces including your boss.

Add Style with Shelf Decor Ideas

Shelf decor has been an integral part of interior design for many years. Top Pinterest accounts provide a wide variety of decor ideas and visuals for kitchen, living room, dining room, offices, book shelves, cabinets, and even laundry rooms. Also, decor that blends in with rustic and modern shelving are the most easiest to style. Finally, decorations can add style while maintaining a high degree of functionality and visual appeal.

Featured Shelf Art Decor Collections

Our featured shelf decor collections are usually between and 3 inches in height. Each painted glass is unique, and fits well in a set with similar colors. Our sets vary from 4 to 6 pieces depending on the length of the shelf. Next, for our exceptional work, we use acrylic paints and gloss finish to provide a long lasting elegant look and feel. The glass work provides you with the opportunity to get a 2 unique 180 degree views at different times and moods. Finally, we bring color, energy, vibes and creativity into your space. Our custom painted art decor stand out while blending it with your room themes and style. We are proud to help you accomplish you dream design.

Art and Mental Health

We have found that art brings you great mental health benefits as you work and relax at home. Studies have found exposure to art can increase the life expand of an individual as it greatly supports mental well-being. Especially for those who work from home i.e. solopreneurs, remote workers and professionals in isolated offices, art provides a way to be inspired, happy, and motivated throughout the day. Imagine saying “I can feel the difference in this room, something has changed for the better.” At csCreatives, our work provides you with a one-of-a kind experience that is truly long lasting.

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