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At csCreatives, our custom hand painted vases are one of a kind. Each hand painted vase provides the client with an unique way of experiencing our art and artistic style. Each vase is hand painted by the emerging visual artist Credell Simeon using acrylic paints. Some of the designs are mixed media including polymer clay, gemstone embellishments or floral adhesives. Each vase is perfectly packaged with care, photographed, and labeled. Also, the artist can include a detailed customized description of the vase as a memoir at no additional cost.

When would I buy our hand painted vases?

At csCreatives, our custom hand painted vases are perfect as room or event décor. We have imagined our pieces to be quite versatile in any space. For example, you can purchase one of our custom designed vases as a personalized gift for a loved one on a special occasion such as birthday, mothers day or retirement. Additionally, you can purchase our hand painted vases as room décor in your home. Specifically, we work with you the client to ensure that the color selection and style will fit perfectly with the aesthetic of your home. Furthermore, we imagine our custom hand painted vases to fit into your work space at your corporate office or board room. They are designed to be special and welcoming. Finally, you can purchase our hand painted vases for the perfect event décor for weddings or parties. Our pieces are conversational, thought provoking, and very aesthetically appealing.

Why would I buy our hand painted vases?

At csCreatives, our custom hand painted vases have been designed with you in mind. We work directly with our clients to understand their needs, their aesthetic, their experiences and stories which are then incorporated into our designs. We converse with you to inform our design process. This extends to to selection of base colors, blends, style and shape of vase, techniques used including mixed media and embellishments, and finally packaging considerations.

What inspires the design of our hand painted vases?

At csCreatives, our custom hand painted vases can also be inspired by the experiences of the artist. Credell uses her imagination and creativity to hand paint a design that will appeal directly to you and your personal style. Also, Credell uses her love of nature, and travel experiences across Canada and Grenada to inspire her painting and design creations. Next, you can read more about her biography page.

csCreatives custom hand painted vases at Art Galleries

At csCreatives, we imagine that some of our very unique pieces are worthy of art gallery exhibitions, and magazine publications. We would like to connect with interested galleries across the Caribbean and Canada.

Wrap up on csCreatives vases

You can check out more of our designs of hand painted vases on the Art Gallery page. You can view videos of our custom designs on our Art Videos page. Connect with us for an order or commission at Check out our Instagram for more spring and summer collection.

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