Art Supports Wellness and Mental Health

Art supports wellness and mental health, did you know that? Mental health and wellness is very important to our artistic design brand and our creative vision. We design products that directly support you on your own wellness journey. At csCreatives, we hand paint decorative candle holders that can be used directly in meditation and yoga practices. We understand our purpose in your healing journey, and we would like to support you where ever we can. You can find more mental health resources via this link.

csCreatives: Sky Blue Cloud Meditation Candle Holder
Sky Blue Cloud Meditation Candle Holders

Mental Health and Meditation

“Meditating on creativity directly supports mental wellness.”

Credell Simeon

At csCreatives, we want you to be and feel inspired by your own journey. Most importantly, we encourage you to embrace life, have a positive attitude and mindset everyday. We believe that consistent meditation practices are critical to your wellness and healing journey. On a personal level, we have first hand personal experience with trauma, self-identity, and anxiety. Fortunately, we have chosen artistry and creativity as a way to break the cycle from negative energy and vibes. Our colorful and vibrant meditation candle holders are hand painted specifically for the purpose of radiating joy, good synergy, mood and vibrations.

Benefits of Meditation

According to Brownstone Health website, “Meditation will help to increase immunity, lower blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, it aids in your overall wellbeing physically and emotionally”. Specifically, candle gazing meditation allows you to focus on one specific object thus increasing your cognition, mental health and spiritual wellness. Therefore, our hand painted candle holders offers you a special and amplified experience that allows you to truly connect your mind, body and soul.

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